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Tales of plants for growing souls

At Poppy Petal Press we share simple ways to connect with herbal plants and earth rhythms during busy days with young kids.

Coming soon...

...Autumn Book Bundles!

Sink into autumn's richness with In Autumn: Tales of Falling Leaves and Cozy Cuddles. In this ramble through autumn, we light some candles, greet the ancestors, and dream our way toward the darkness of winter. Each bundle includes a tiny and full-sized copy of In Autumn.

Available in September.

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Poppy Petal Press

n. 1. tales of plants for growing souls. 2. stories of plants and the earth for families. 3. a place for families to step out of the overwhelm to make space in their lives for herbs and ceremony, medicine and magic.
v. 1. to read and write stories about plants, earth cycles, herbal medicine and magic. 2. to gather plants and stories to make food, herbal remedies, ceremony and magic.

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Land Acknowledgement

Poppy Petal Press is located in Mi'kma'ki, the ancestral and traditional lands of the Mi'kmaq people. The Peace and Friendship Treaties were signed in this territory.

I offer gratitude and deep respect to past, present, and future generations of Mi'kmaq people and others who have lived in this place and acted as stewards of these lands and waters.

Healthy lands and waters are central to work with plants and plant medicines. I acknowledge and offer gratitude here for the benefits I enjoy from having access to this land and space.