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At Poppy Petal Press we offer writings for families on plants and the rhythms of the earth as inspiration to connect with nature’s rhythms, to pause for a cup of herbal tea, to bring simple herbal preparations into your kitchen and to feel the turn of the year.

This is a place for families to step out of the overwhelm to make space in their lives for herbs and ceremony, medicine and magic.

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herb jars

My name is Kristin and I am a mother, a herbalist, a writer, a plant tender, a dreamer, a lover of the plants (with the strongest of affections for the weediest of herbs growing between the rows in the garden) and an inspired brewer of kitchen potions for wellness and miracles and magic.

I want to share the weeds and the wellness, the miracles and the magic with you.

Join me on a journey to cut through the overwhelm to find simple ways to bring herbs and ceremony and maybe a small dose of magic into the busy-ness of life.

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