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Celebrate all the seasons with this series! Receive a new book with each season. Each book includes an illustrated story for children and a seasonal tune-in guide for adults. Read more.

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Sketches of the Seasons

This series of four books walks you through each of the changing seasons from a fresh perspective, working with the Celtic cross-quarter days as timing for beginning to connect with each changing season.


Each full-sized book includes an illustrated story, as well as ideas for celebrating the shifting season, nourishment, kid crafting, and inspiration for adult reflection time.


Each tiny book includes the illustrated story portion of the full-sized book. At 9cm x 9cm they are perfect for little hands and so very cute!

Read more about each book below.


In Autumn

A book for short autumn days and celebrating the energy of the shift into autumn.

Join us for some ramblings on short autumn days. We'll light some candles, greet the ancestors and dream our way into the darkness of winter.


A Dreaming Day

A book for early February days and celebrating the beginning of winter shifting into spring.

Go for a wander in February's snowy woods, then come home to light some candles, drink a cup of herbal tea and dream your way into springtime.


Of Sprouts & Sunshine

A book for celebrating spring days: new life, fresh green sprouts and buds opening into flower.

Spring outside into the freshness of April days. We'll welcome sunshine and plants sprouting, we'll sow some seeds and start to think about summer trails.


Of Crickets & Calendula

A book for celebrating hot summer days and all their abundance.

Somersault into the joys of summer! We'll play in the sunshine, harvest from the garden, and turn ever so gently toward the subtle hints of autumn coming.


Solstice and Equinox Mini-Workbooks

These small workbooks are offerings for little hands - each is a tiny seasonally-themed book with recipes, plant drawings to colour and activities to try.

Fun for tiny hands of many ages; ideal for ages 4+


At Winter Solstice

A kids' workbook for winter solstice time.

Wrap yourself in the energy of winter solstice with a small story, outdoor adventures, cozy crafting and forest cookies.


At Spring Equinox

A kids' workbook for spring equinox time.

Celebrate the sprouting of spring with a tiny story, sprouts of different kinds, forest exploring, sketching, and a cup of tea. 


At Summer Solstice

A kids' workbook for summer solstice time.

Celebrate summer solstice with a short story, outdoor adventures looking for plants, sun tea and flower cookies. 



At Autumn Equinox

A kids' workbook for autumn equinox time.

Sink into the crisp pleasure of autumn among falling leaves, interesting seeds, and hot mugs of herbal cocoa.