Summer Book Bundle


Connect with the heat of summer with this bundle of summertime books. Includes full-sized and tiny copies of Of Crickets and Calendula.

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The Summer Book Bundle includes something for everyone.

Take a wander through the heat of summer days with the full-sized copy of Of Crickets and Calendula. We’ll play in the sunshine, harvest from the garden, and turn ever so gently toward the subtle hints of autumn coming. Includes an illustrated story, as well as ideas for a simple ceremony, nourishment, and inspiration for adult reflection time.

The tiny version of Of Crickets and Calendula includes the illustrated story portion of the full-sized copy. At 9cm x 9cm, it’s the perfect size for tiny hands to hold and explore.

Of Crickets and Calendula is part of the Sketches of the Seasons series, a collection of four books that walk you through each of the changing seasons from a fresh perspective, working with the Celtic cross-quarter days as timing for beginning to connect with each changing season.


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